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 25 mile tt championship

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25 mile tt championship Empty
PostSubject: 25 mile tt championship   25 mile tt championship Icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 10:21 am

Here are the results from the 25 mile TT championship 20-9-09

Marcus takes Gold at Woodgreen

Marcus Christie won this morning's Ernie Mark Memorial TT at Woodgreen which incorporated the Northern Ireland Championships. The full result sheet is as follows.

M. Christie Usher 00:52:56
T. Martin Clann Eireann 00:53:22
J. Heverin Clann Eireann 00:53:40
I. Robinson Ards C.C. 00:56:41
J. Madden Curran 00:56:48
J. McConnell E.A.C.C. 00:56:58
S. Stockton Madigan 00:57:10
D. Heagney E.T.C.C. 00:57:55
E. Magwood E.T.C.C. 00:58:09
B. Mccourt Northern 00:58:16
N. Laffin Madigan 00:58:27
M. Tohill Spires 00:59:55
M. McCann Madigan 01:00:24
P. Withers Fintona C.C. 01:01:24
S. Walsh Phoenix 01:01:30
B. McCartan Phoenix 01:02:02
Derek Dougan B.R.C. 01:02:05
M. Brennan B.R.C. 01:02:18
W. Kirk Ards C.C. 01:02:44
C. McCann Phoenix 01:02:47
C. McCloskey Madigan 01:02:54
W. McNeill Clann Eireann 01:03:21
D. Quinn Apollo 01:03:53
A. Kerr B.R.C. 01:04:24
R. Currie B.R.C. 01:04:25
A. Rodgers Northern 01:04:30
M. Ruddy B.R.C. 01:05:12
R. Young Clann Eirean 01:05:17
H. Martin Clann Eirean 01:06:09
S. Kerr B.R.C. 01:08:22
W. Orr Ards C.C. 01:10:06
Kay Hack B.W. 01:10:42

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25 mile tt championship
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