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 Time Trial Training

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PostSubject: Time Trial Training   Time Trial Training Icon_minitimeFri Dec 26, 2008 4:11 pm

Tips for Training for a 10 mile time trial.

1. Mileage. The good thing about racing 10 mile time trials is that you don’t need to do large volumes of miles. This makes it attractive for the racer who can’t spend all day riding. However, to make the most of higher level training, it is still important to build up a base of ’steady’ miles first. If you are new to cycling it is more beneficial to build up a reasonable level of base fitness than jumping straight into racing. A good base for 10 mile time trials is perhaps 100 miles a week. If you do more, it may have a marginal benefit; but is not essential.
2. Intervals.
Early in the season, I may do interval sessions of 5 minutes which are close to ‘race pace’. This will vary from individual to individual. But, for myself, it involves training at a heart rate of 93-5% max (or 184-190) The gap between the intervals might be quite a long time in the early season. But, shortening the gap between the intervals will make them of increasing benefit.
3. Intervals above Race Pace.
I feel it is this training where you really feel you make progress in increasing your speed. Basically, the aim is to keep a pace that would be difficult to maintain in a race for 20 minutes. It is the pace, that involves going a little into the red zone. You will feel the build up lactic acid and it will require considerable effort to maintain your effort at this level. Typically, it is a heart rate of 95% or greater; but, it is not a flat out sprint. I find it easiest to do this kind of training on a long hill with a gradual gradient. I like to maintain a similar position to time trial and a high cadence. If you can do 3-4 intervals at this effort level, then it is a very good training session. In practice, you will find that by the third of fourth it is not possible to maintain the high intensity; don’t worry.

4. Racing.
The best form of training is undoubtedly racing. Racing is one of the best ways to get fit. It also enables you to learn for yourself, the optimal effort levels required in racing a 10 mile time trial. Another benefit of racing is that you are often inspired to give it everything when people are watching. If you are training on your own, who is going to know if you knock off early or give up after 10 minutes? Also racing gives you the incentive to try and improve times; it is important to maintain a constant enthusiasm for training, this is one of the most important elements.
5. Training on Time Trial Bike.
If you have a time trial bike, the position will be somewhat different to your road bike. Therefore, it is advisable to do some training on your time trial bike. This means that your muscles will be attuned to the slight variation in position. Time trial bikes, especially with disc wheels, are also more difficult to handle. It is good to get practise in training.
Fastest Times for 10 Mile Time Trial

Bradley Wiggins………17-57.*……16-9-06 - Average speed 33.426mph
Michael Hutchinson……18-07……..25/05/08…………….National Champs……P881R
Jason MacIntyre………18-12……..11/08/07………………Pendle Forest CC…..L1015
Stuart Dangerfield……18-19.*……………………………….O10/2
Graeme Obree………..18-27.*……1993…………………….Woolwich…….Q10/30…on fixed - the day before he broke the “50″ Competition Record !
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Time Trial Training
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